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Q: Which ensemble should I choose for my event?

A: There are several factors to consider, including budget, performance space, repertoire, and guest size. Smaller ensembles are ideal for intimate gatherings. Larger ensembles allow for more creative musical arrangements, and they are, of course, louder.

Q: How much space does an ensemble need?

A: Space requirements vary per ensemble:
Duo - Violin & Cello: 5 feet by 5 feet
Duo - Violin & Keyboard: 8 feet by 8 feet
Trio - Violin, Viola, & Cello: 6 feet by 6 feet
Trio - Violin, Cello, & Keyboard: 9 feet by 9 feet
Quartet - Two Violins, Viola, & Cello: 8 feet by 8 feet

Q: Can I book a piano ensemble package, if there is no piano at the event location?

A: Yes. A keyboard can be transported to the venue, for an additional fee. We ask that the performance space be a short walking distance from the car where the keyboard will be unloaded, as keyboards are very large and heavy. Keyboards also require access to a power outlet.

Q: Do your musicians perform at outdoor settings?

A: Our musicians are happy to perform outdoors. However, we do request that shade is provided to protect our instruments. We do not play in even the lightest of precipitation, unless our instruments have no chance whatsoever of getting wet. Optimum performance temperatures are greater than 60℉, and less than 95℉.

Q: When will you perform during the ceremony?

A: We will provide music for the following:
Pre-service Music (30 minutes)
Processional (as people walk down the aisle)
Musical interlude during ceremony (optional)
Recessional (immediately after the ceremony is over)
Postlude (as guests are leaving)
The ensemble will be finished performing ceremony music as soon as 2 songs have been played once the ceremony is over.

Q: Do you charge any additional fees, including taxes and gratuity?

A: Our pricing is all inclusive. We do not charge taxes. Occasionally we do charge a travel fee, depending on the distance of your venue. Gratuity is not required, but is always appreciated.

Q: Can you help me with the selection process?

A: We provide free consultations to help you select the music for your event. Our musicians have years of experience, and are happy to suggest selections that suit your musical taste. The weddings section of our website includes recommendations for different parts of your ceremony.

Q: I’d like to request a song that isn’t on your repertoire lists, do you take special requests?

A: Yes. We can arrange most songs to the instrumentation of your choosing, for an additional fee. 

Q: When can I expect musicians to arrive at my event?

A: Musicians will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your event/ceremony.

Q: I would like additional musicians, such as singers, organists, or guitarists to perform with you. Are your ensembles limited to just the groups you offer in your pricing packages?

A: We can occasionally accommodate guest musicians. Additional fees apply for specific ensemble size music arrangements, and time spent meeting and rehearsing with the guest musician.

Q: Can you perform with an additional musician I've hired, who is not associated with Enchanted Occasions Music?

A: We often play with guest artists who are hired by our clients. An additional fee is required to cover the time spent rehearsing with the guest musician(s).

Q: What will the ensemble require when they arrive at the event/ceremony space?

A: We will need to meet with the wedding coordinator or event planner immediately upon our arrival. One armless chair per musician should be set up where the ensemble is expected to perform. Keyboardists provide their own seating arrangements.

Q: Who are the musicians performing at my event?

A: We work with an exclusive group of 10 - 15 players. All our artists are professional musicians from top conservatories of music around the country. If you'd like to include the musician's names in your wedding programs, we can send you a list of their names and correlating instruments. For more information about Elizabeth Ramos the violinist, please click the Elizabeth Ramos Torres, violinist button. 

Q: What will the musicians wear?

A: Our musicians will dress in concert black.

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